Laxmi Associates has been a pioneer in power system equipment testing. Our vision is to maximize the life of your electrical equipment and deliver complete reliability. Backed by industry-leading software and the latest testing equipment, LA has the tools and expertise to keep your high-voltage requirements running with system reliability. 

Steady power is absolutely critical for the success of your facility. That’s why it’s so important to choose a company that has the knowledge and capacity to be your full-service partner in reliability. With more than 15 years of testing experience and access to thousands of test results, our team of engineers, technicians, and specialists know how to keep your Power Equipment fleet running reliably.

Testing & Commissioning

The success of any power project is attributable to the effective & Quality testing and commissioning of the entire project.


Today the concept has changed and efforts are being directed to explore new approaches/techniques of monitoring

Asset Management & CBM

Minimization of the service life cycle cost is achieved for the key Assets in system by implementing the concept of Asset Management policy

Oil Test Laboratory

Transformer oil and other insulating liquids suffer from electrical and mechanical stresses while a transformer is in operation.


The course content is designed for engineers in the field of Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution.