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Digital Testing of High Voltage Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is used as a switching device. It is used when there is any kind of interruption in an abnormal current or during an electrical fault. A circuit breaker’s design is specially made for closing/opening an electrical circuit. The circuit breaker is a mechanical device that protects the whole electrical system from any kind of impairment.


Some of the unusual situations when immediate electrical protection should be delivered:

  • Overloading of excessive current.
  • Faults in the transformers.
  • Short-circuits.

Below given are some types of high voltage circuit breakers:

  1. Oil circuit breakers
  2. Vacuum circuit breakers
  3. SF6 circuit breakers
  4. Air circuit breakers

Now, let us know various methods of digital testing of the high voltage circuit breaker.

1. Routine Tests

Routine tests are conducted to ensure the quality of the product. The results show you if there is any defect in the material or its construction. The routine tests do not degrade any properties of the circuit.

2. Type Tests

The type tests are conducted just for the purpose of checking the accuracy of the general design. Type tests are conducted on any randomly selected breaker. This test is conducted in two ways: 1) Direct Testing and 2) Indirect Testing

What is the need for testing a high voltage circuit breaker?

The short circuit currents are huge compared to other electrical equipment like a transformer of any other machine. So testing of a short circuit breaker is difficult.

Below are the most important reasons to test a high voltage circuit.
  • To protect expensive machines.
  • To eliminate extra loss of income due to accidents.
  • To ensure the proper supply of current.
  • To avoid corrosion, wear and any natural contamination.
  • To check the performance quality of the breaker.

These were different methods of digital testing of the high voltage circuit breaker. Laxmi Associates is the industry leader in power system testing and diagnostic services across Asia and Africa. We expertise in power transmission and distribution equipment.

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