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Electric Motor Testing Panel

Electrical faults in the motor are common to happen, but if ignored, they are most dangerous for the motor’s efficient working. These faults are usual and having regular electrical testing to avoid motor failures. The primary reason behind motor failures is electrical collapse. Some other issues may also include rotor problems, winding issues, damage in insulation, power cut off, thermal overload, and damaged wires. All this damage leads to stress and excess heat on the motor, which decreases its working capacity, thus requiring repair or testing. An electrical motor testing will let you know the damage done and the solutions to act upon the prevalent worry. To get your electric moto testing by the best technicians and engineers, get in touch with us at Laxmi Associates. We are a team of professional experts in motor assessment and remaining life assessment of major power transmission and machines.
Our electrical motor testing panel can also conduct onsite motor testing for you. Our services include:
Some of the winding faults are:
  • Thermography, Noise, Vibration Measurement
  • On-line & Off-line Partial discharge measurements.
  • Online Motor Current Signature Analysis for fault identification in motor

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