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Surge Arrester Types

What is a surge arrester?

Surge Arresters are of various types, and they occur as a result of a spike in voltage. A surge in electric voltage is typical and expected. It is the sudden transition in overvoltage in a circuit. The voltage fluctuates on power or final lines. These surges are large and can overload a machine resulting in its failure. It becomes urgent to get it checked to avoid potential damage, injury, and even death.

The most occurring event in lightning due to which largest spies takes place over than 6000 voltage. These kinds of surges affect the functioning of machines.
There are many different types of lightning arresters, namely. Arresters help in diverting the voltage wave of lightning towards the ground rather than harming the machine directly.

Know the various types of lightning arresters:

  • Road Gap Arrester.
  • Sphere Gap Arrester.
  • Horn Gap Arrester.
  • Multiple-Gap Arrester.
  • Impulse Protective Gap.
  • Electrolytic Arrester.
  • Expulsion Type Lightning Arrester.
  • Valve Type Lightning Arresters.

Laxmi Associates offer you various onsite surge arrester services. Our onsite services include:

  • Onsite Testing of the HV/EHV class Surge Arrestors
  • On-line Leakage Current measurement (LCM) based on third harmonic resistive current.
  • Capacitance and dissipation factor measurement of insulation on per stack basis
  • IR value with Polarization Index (PI) & Absorption Index (AI),

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