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Omicron CIBANO 500

Circuit Breaker Timer

Circuit Breakers are one of the critical assets of electrical systems and need following diagnostic testing:

  • Records circuit breaker contact travel characteristics.
  • Registers the dynamic value of circuit breaker contact during “Close-Open” operation.
  • Simultaneous recording of DCRM signatures of 6 breaker contacts.
  • Register the current characteristics of close-and-trip coil of each pole.
  • Universal CBAnalyser to test all types of CBs – LV, HV, EHV & UHV.
  • Quick performance check of CB by measuring C, O, C-O, O-C & O-C-O timings.
  • Healthiness of Auxiliary contact by measurement of Auxiliary contacts timings.
  • Useful to shift maintenance schedule form Time based to Condition based.
Circuit Breaker Analyzer & DCRM