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Megger IDAX 300

Power Transformer Testing Instruments

A large population of aged equipment is apparently contaminated with moisture. Effects on life of Power transformer due to moisture in the solid insulation are:
  • Accelerated rate of aging for cellulosic materials such as paper and press board
  • Reduction of the dielectric strength of paper and press board materials
  • Risk of bubble evolution at high temperatures and limited Overloading capacity.
    Now a days two approaches are applied; the measurement of charging and discharging currents in time domain (Polarization and Depolarization Currents PDC) and the dielectric spectroscopy in frequency domain (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy FDS) & provides an indication of the insulation condition such as:
  • Moisture content in the oil/paper insulation
  • Faults in OIP, RBP and RIP high voltage bushings & CT
  • Faults in the generator, motor and cable insulation
  • Monitoring of moisture content in solid insulation during maintenance actions such as On-site drying will be very effective and should be considered as an important application
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