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GIS Testing

GIS stands for Gas Insulated Switchgear. GIS testing is a test conducted to evaluate the circuit’s proper functionality and assess various electrical specifications of a machine.

Why is GIS testing done?

  • If a new system is installed, as a part of voltage testing
  • When a machine is repaired after any incident
  • For monitoring the systems
  • When any defect is discovered in the machines
  • To regulate and maintain the condition of the systems

What are the test procedures?

  • AC voltage test
  • Partial discharge measurement
  • Lightning surge test 

Laxmi Associates assist you with the following throughout the whole project of GIS Testing:

  • For test specification of tenders
  • During placements of UHF sensors
  • To give testing instructions
  • To evaluate the performance of the system
  • With diagnosis and root cause analysis
  • To provide you with expert advice

The testing options for GIS:

  • Ac voltage test along with series resonant systems
  • Discharge measurement with sensitivity verification
  • Test breakdown localization system
  • Acoustical partial discharge measurement using ultrasonic sensors
  • Video endoscopy with inserted cameras in the GIS
  • Microscopy of the particles
  • A final assessment of the particles
During GIS testing, it is mandatory to perform a voltage withstand test according to IEC’s standards.
Laxmi Associates has experience of more than 15years in testing, with a large team of engineers and technicians.

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