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Types of Losses in a Transformer – The Prominent Six Types of Losses

Types of losses in transformer

Types of Losses in a Transformer

A transformer brings in various types of losses, to name all of them, here is the list:

  1. Hysteresis Loss
  2. Iron Loss
  3. Eddy Current Loss
  4. Copper Loss
  5. Stray Loss
  6. Dielectric Loss

Here we have explained all of them in detail, so hook on till the end of the article to know more about Laxmi Associates. 

1. Hysteresis Loss

The cause behind this loss is known to be the magnetization variation in the transformer’s core. As it is subjected to an alternating magnetizing force, a hysteresis loop is traced out for each cycle of emf. the power wasted in the form of heat known as hysteresis loss 

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2. Iron Losses

Also known as the core loss, iron loss occurs due to the alternating flux inside the transformer’s core. The iron loss goes on further to be classified as hysteresis and eddy current loss.

3. Eddy Current Loss

During the flux in the transformer, they tend to link with a closed circuit,  through which an emf is produced in the course and the current flows. The EMFs flow currents in the body as it is made of conducting material. These flowing currents are called Eddy Currents. While the conductor changes the magnetic fields, the eddy currents occur.

4. Copper Loss Or Ohmic Loss

The heat produced during the electrical current passing is known as copper loss. This current flows through the conductors of transformer windings. Hence the term winding loss is often preferred. Copper losses alter as the square of the load current.

5. Stray Loss

Look for any leakage fluxes in the transformer, which leads to stray loss. They can take place in any part of the transformer, which is why it is called a stray loss. The number of stray losses is relatively small compared to iron and copper losses to be neglected.

6. Dielectric Loss

Any loss that occurs in the insulating materials of the transformer is called Dielectric loss. It is found in the oil of the transformer or the solid insulations. Suppose it happens when the oil used in the transfer is old and destroyed to be used. This can also take place if the insulation gets damaged or is of poor quality. All of these affect the efficiency and working conditions of transformers. 

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