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Types Of Electrical Maintenance

Types of Electrical Maintenance The easiest way to avoid unnecessary costly electric breakdowns is to perform electrical maintenance. Electrical equipment requires maintenance like our brain and body need to rest to keep functioning properly.
This article discusses electrical maintenance and its types.

What is Electrical Maintenance? 

Electrical maintenance is a service that involves everything from installing equipment to inspecting and diagnosing any faults with the equipment to servicing and repairing faulty electrical equipment. Usually, electricians and technicians conduct electrical maintenance work; because they have the required knowledge and skills in the maintenance process.

What are the types of electrical maintenance? 

In general, there are three types of electrical maintenance:
  1. Corrective Maintenance
  2. Preventive Maintenance
  3. Predictive Maintenance

1. Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance involves the identification, isolation, or repair of the fault that has happened. It is based on the fact that the cost required to repair the defect is lower than the cost for complete program maintenance. For example, a bulb does not require any maintenance. We use it until it stops running, then we either repair it or replace it.

2. Preventive Maintenance 

As per the name, the primary purpose of preventive maintenance is to reduce the chances of equipment faults and supervise the machine’s condition. It is planned maintenance; performed at regular intervals to keep a check on electrical equipment; so it will not break unexpectedly. It is similar to servicing your car based on how much it has run and not its condition. Usually, the relevant parts of the faulty equipment will be replaced or repaired before the expected failure point.

3. Predictive Maintenance 

Predictive maintenance is identified by the condition of the equipment rather than its expected life span. This kind of maintenance examines the state of equipment through offline periodic or online continuous equipment monitoring. Predictive maintenance attempts to predict the failure even before it takes place by keeping a check on the machine during its normal operations.

Bottom Line: 

In conclusion, no matter what type of maintenance, electrical equipment will require maintenance for its smooth functioning. Both predictive and preventive maintenance are designed to reduce failure and increase life span; on the other hand, corrective maintenance involves repair or replacement once the equipment fails. You can contact or visit us at Laxmi Associates for electrical maintenance services.

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