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Transformer Safety Device: Know All About Protection

Transformer safety device

You might have read about transformers, their types, and different methods of testing them. In this article, I have put down various kinds of faults that concur with the transformers. And how to reduce or avoid these electrical faults. Read on!

Transformer Safety Device

Know what a Transformer is? 

A transformer is an easy-to-use machine and is the main component for high voltage power transmission in any device. There are varied types of transformers, and each of them is used for many different purposes in the electrical system. 

Know the Types of Transformers

  1. Single-phase transformer
  2. Three-phase transformer
  3. Instrument transformer
  4. Distribution transformer
  5. Power transformer

Where are transformers used?

Transformers as said before is a machine that is the primary instrument to transmit high voltage current to other machines being used. Transformers play a prominent role in supplying power to various applications like:

  • Televisions
  • Home inverters
  • Lighting
  • Heating equipment
  • Low voltage electronic devices
  • Current switches
  • Disconnectors
  • Capacitors
  • Medical equipment
  • Induction motors
  • Electrical apparatus in testing labs
  • Boosters in AC feeders

A transformer is a machine, so it is sure to have specific faults. There are different types of transformer faults that may occur at different periods of particular situations. 

Types of Faults in the Transformer are

Open Circuit Fault

An open-circuit fault happens when an electrical current circuit is disturbed by any electrical supply error. In the three-phase transformer, the error may see more than one phase or may occur between phases.


The overheat of transformers occurs in a liquid insulation oil transformer. The standard insulation rate for a transform is  220°C. If any time the temperature goes above the normal rate in the insulation, the transformer tends to overheat. 

Winding Short Circuit Fault
But choose to travel through a shorter way. Winding short circuits are really common in electrical devices. A short circuit happens when the electrical current is not distributed evenly through all the wiring in the machine. That is why it is called a winding short circuit fault. 

Faults Due to Lightnin

Lastly, faults occur due to natural calamities such as lightning. Power transformers are at risk of windings and bushing during lightning strikes. Due to this, there are many chances of stress on the insulation of the transformers. This is called dielectric failure and is the reason behind high-level damage in power transformers. 

Types of Transformer Protection

Buchholz Relay

  • It is one such transformer safety device that is a mechanical fault detector 
  • There is a bypass pipe to perform the relay
  • This method is fast and sensitive 
  • This method works independently 

Extend the Lifespan Prioritize Power Transformer Maintenance

 Pressure Relay

  • This method figures out a sudden rate-of-increase in pressure
  • A device used for a pressure relay is called a brittle disk

Oil Level Monitor Device

  • Some transformers have oil conservator have an oil level monitor
  • The monitor has two contacts for alarm
  • The top has a liquid thermometer bulb 
  • It measures the top-oil temperature of the transformer

Winding Thermometer

  • This safety device  creates an image of the hottest part of the winding
  • This power transformer provides data to adjust the resistance 

These were some common faults and safety methods used in transformers. I hope you got all the information and answers you were looking for! Keep coming back to Laxmi Associates

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