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Testing of Induction Motor: Know the Methods

Testing of Induction Motor
An induction motor, mainly the three-phased squirrel cage induction motor, is used extensively in industrial fields. The reason behind this wide usage of induction motors is because of their properties such as:
  1. Self-starting
  2. Reliable 
  3. Economical
Other than the single-phase induction motors are used for small loads that are used for household applications.  It is evident that day by day, the cost of energy is rising at its peak. And so, it becomes crucial to determine all the parameters of large induction motors. Induction motors are tested by several means of Testing of Induction Motor.

Testing of Induction Motor

To check the working condition of induction motors, various aspects are tested, such as vibration analysis, temperature monitoring, power consumption monitoring. With proper analysis, the potential issues can be found out diagnosed and can be corrected. This will help improve and increase the motors working efficiency while saving a lot of extra costs.  Every induction motor undergoes testing before it is delivered from the manufacturer to the customer or the factory. There are mainly two methods of induction motor testing done.

Methods of induction motor tests:

  1. Routine Tests
  2. Performance Tests
Know the methods briefly. 

Let us read what a routine test is?

It is done to ensure that there are no mechanical or electrical defects in the motor’s working condition. This test is also conducted to determine whether the motor’s standard performance is up to the mark or not. 

The routine test is further classified into thirteen tests depending on the size of the motor. 

  1. High voltage test
  2. Air gap measurement
  3. Blocked rotor test
  4. Winding resistance measurement 
  5. The direction of rotation and phase sequence
  6. Vibration
  7. Current balance
  8. Temperature rise test
  9. Saft voltages
  10. Noise
  11. The magnetic center no load
  12. Insulation resistance test
  13. No-load running current power 

Read what a Performace test is?

A performance test is conducted to examine the complete performance characteristics of an induction motor. The test is conducted in various steps along with the routine test. 
  1. Measurement of stray load loss
  2. Saturation of blocked rotor
  3. Blocked rotor torque 
  4. Surge test 
  5. Efficiency test
  6. Temperature rise determination test 
  7. No-load characteristic 

Why does an induction motor need regular testing?

Due to an induction motor’s constant working, it is prone to winding defects that can cause insulation aging, contamination, power cut-offs, and damaged wire, etc. Another reason is insulation moisture, resulting in additional damage, excess heat, and multiple failures. These are the reasons behind getting insulation tests regularly.  Laxmi Associates has the expertise of more than 15 years in testing, with many engineers and technicians.  We verify all the needs and requirements have a good workflow. We have many successful projects in Banglore, Chennai, and other cities that are an example of our work. 

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