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Advantages of Electric Heating : Know Uses , Types and Facts

Advantages of electric heating
Hello people, welcome back to our blog. Today we have this amazing article talking about the advantages of electric heating. But let me begin by explaining What is Electric Heating?

Advantages of Electric Heating

To put it in simple words, electric heating is the conversion of electric energy into heat energy. Heating is used commonly every day by most of us around. Electrical heating is used for industrial, commercial, and household purposes.  Use of electric heating in industries/ commercial purposes
  1. To mould, melt raw materials
  2. Melting the metals
  3. Moulding glass materials
  4. Enameling copper 
  5. Baking the insulator
  6. Welding
  7. To dry the painting
Use of electric heating for domestic purposes 
  1. Cooking
  2. Water heating
  3. Room heating 
  4. Ironing clothes 

Types of Electric Heating

1. Power Frequency Heating 

Power frequency heating used directly to heat any object. It  is further classified into two parts: Resistance Heating: It is divided into three types of electric heating: 
  • Direct resistance heating
  • Indirect resistance heating
  • Infrared or radiant heating
Arc Heating: It is Classified into two types of electric heating:
  • Direct arc heating
  • Indirect arc heating

2. High-Frequency Heating

High-Frequency Heating is further divided into three types:  Induction Heating: It is divided into two kinds of electric heating:
  • Direct induction heating
  • Indirect induction heating
Let us know the advantages of Electric Heating:  Below I have discussed the different advantages or benefits one can get through the application of electric heating
  1. Electric Heating is free from dirt, so you do not need to hassle cleaning around. Bare minimum cleaning is required. 
  2. Another added benefit is that electric heating uses no fuel, so it’s free from fuel gases. 
  3. You would need no exhaust systems around your case because there is no heat generation with electric heating.
  4. One can control, increase or minimize the temperature efficiently as it is in your control. 
  5. Electric Heating saves you money! Yes, it is much much more economical than the other conventional heating systems you find in the market.
  6. No extra spending on installation, services, and other additional costs. 
  7. Electric Heating gives you automatic protection against any unfortunate events.
  8. Electric Heating is highly efficient. 
  9. It is noise-free, which means good for the environment.
  10. It starts quickly with no obstacles
  11. It can do unique heating kinds of stuff like non-conducting heating materials, heating of substances with no oxidation.
  12.  It can be utilized 100%, unlike other old heating systems. 
  13. There is no loss of heat.
  14. It is very safe to use in any environment. 
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