Year: December 18, 2020

Transformer cooling methods

Transformer Cooling Methods: Brief Explanation

Cooling of transformers is a process where the heat generated is treated back to a safe value. The cooling of transformers is done through various methods.  The primary reason for transformer heat up is the loss of eddy current, iron, copper loss, and hysteresis. Out of all the major reasons behind the transformer’s heating up is the copper loss known...
single vs three phase transformer

Difference Between Single Phase and Three Phase Transformer: Must Know

Before understanding the difference between a three-phase transformer and a single-phase transformer let us understand Transformers are used for power transmission, they are used throughout alternating current systems from generating plants to our home. Transformers can increase or decrease the voltage, for transmitting power for long-distance power lines, the voltage must be increased, then reduced by other transformers before the...