Fault find & On-site Diagnostics


LA aims to be a Pioneer Power equipment testing Organisation in India for carrying out Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic testing of Power Equipments like  Power Transformer, Generators, HT Motors, Bushings, Cables, CT, VT, CVT, Lightening Arrestor etc.

Generally due to various factors such as substandard materials and manufacturing techniques, use of new material (aging & compatibility not proven), frequent system faults, over loading or overvoltage stress and environmental effects during normal operation, some equipment does fail much earlier than expected life span. Hence, failure of new equipment and in mid –life  has become a more serious concern for electrical utilities.

We offer specialized services in area of incipient fault finding, root cause analysis of fault and on-site diagnostics services and to formulate the further maintenance plan  or refurbishment strategy. We conduct exhaustive Preventive Maintenance on line Inspection on various equipments used in power generation, transmission and distribution using specialized test equipments.

Our teams of well-trained engineers carry out tests and conclude the results in the form of detailed reports that lead to actions to be taken by the power utilities to increase the life of such Assets.

We are well equipped with latest and reliable Testing equipments as mentioned in Equipment details. Our test charges are quite competitive and we take up the work on turn-key basis. The following tests can be performed on the individual equipments