Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA)


FMEA is one the process to in complete asset management planning study. It involves reviewing components, assemblies, and subsystems failure, malfunction to identify failure modes, and their causes and effects. For each component, the failure modes and their resulting effects on the rest of the system are recorded in a specific FMEA worksheet. An FMEA is mainly a qualitative analysis.


  • Understand the asset base & the failure modes that might affect the individual asset.
  • Identify leading indicators of incipient failure.
  • Undertake the FMEAanalysis& Prepare a plan to tacklereduce/eliminate Failure.
  • Complete the FMEA document and plan the review
  • The benefits really prove theimportance of FMEA in newproduct design and developmentas a tool to eliminateor to reduce risk.



A successful FMEA activity helps to identify potential failure modes based on experience with similar products and processes & root cause analysis of failure .